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Home and Business Hail Damage Repair in Michigan

Has your home or commercial premises been damaged by hail? You're not alone. Hail can be extremely destructive and Michigan's volatile weather means there are many occasions that your home could be affected.

Hail damage on Michigan homes is usually confined to the roof and shingles, although siding, windows and doors, and garage doors can all be damaged as well. You should contact us if you have suffered damage from hail on any part of your home or business including:

  • Shingles
  • Vents
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Doors
  • Windows

Our Restoration experts have significant experience in repairing home hail damage to your roof and home's exterior. Often the damage is limited or even only cosmetic, however hail damage to your roof or siding can significantly decrease the lifespan and effectiveness on these important barriers to your home's interior.

Restoration by Quality has some of the most experienced roofers in Michigan, working on single family homes, apartment and condominium complexes and commercial buildings. We are uniquely qualified to assess the integrity of your roof after hail damage and provide the correct repairs to ensure the effectiveness and lifespan of your homes roof.

If your home or commercial building has suffered hail damage in one of Southeastern Michigan's storms, contact Restoration by Quality today. Our team has the experience in repairing any exterior damage to your roof, siding, windows & doors and are also adept at working with insurance companies & adjusters.

Your hail damage repair will be quick, quality and cost effective. Contact Michigan's Quality hail repair team!

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